Core Competencies

She-Hive Association is a non-profit making, non-partisan and non-governmental organization. It was legally registered under Societies Act of 1996 on the 26th September, 2012. It is the association of survivors of gender based violence and those affected by it. It works with stakeholders who have similar goals and objectives in order to curb the alarming rate of gender based violence.

The Association deemed it necessary to combat it by lobbying and advocating for empowerment of survivors of gender based violence and those affected by it by providing them with psychosocial support and ensuring that they are able to sustain the aftermath of abuse.

Due to prevailing violence, reported and unreported cases in the country, we found it best fitting to intervene by strategizing and inventing different programs which assist women and girls to resist and overcome violence and its aftermath.

We also have various programs which combat, prevent and influence behavioural change of all different groups of people (women and girls, men and boys), both organisationally invented and internationally adapted. Our ultimate goal is to have a nation free of all kinds of violence against women and girls by encouraging victims to speak out and by influencing behavioural change. We by far have a vast number of assimilated survivors of gender-based violence who openly speak out about their experience with violence.




She-Hive strives to empower victims of domestic violence with psychosocial support, livelihoods and access to medical and legal services, through referral systems. The association also advocates and lobbies for empowerment of survivors of domestic violence and those affected by it by providing them with psychosocial support ensuring that they are able to survive the aftermath of violence. The aim is to work towards the abolishment of all sorts of violence against women and children thereby encouraging the society to eliminate cases of domestic violence through the use of slogan “Speak out; Domestic Violence is not private anymore”.


To do away with misunderstandings and myths about gender perspectives and educate our society about what feminism and gender equality is and encourage both men and women to be bold for change, change that will thrive them towards victory not sabotaging of each other while at the same time encouraging men to support, show respect, love and appreciate women in their journey of discovery.


A community showing respect, appreciation and love towards women - to celebrating women's economic, political and social achievements.


  • To have a well enhanced and strengthened coordination of services aimed at improving lives of women and children who are survivors of domestic violence.
  • To work towards the attainment of an improved social welfare delivery by networking with other service providers.
  • To advocate for the rights of women and children.
  • To disseminate information, education and share experiences aimed at improving lives of domestic violence survivors.
  • To campaign for behavioural change in communities and especially among families with the view of eliminating further chances of domestic violence cases.
  • To strengthen and capacitate community leaders in advocacy and promotion of women and children`s rights by inclusion of men as protectors and providers.