The Association‘s aim is to empower survivors of violence by providing psychosocial support to those people who have been affected by violence. Survivors are therefore given individual counselling sessions as well as group therapy sessions so that they are emotionally uplifted and are able to deal with their situations and realise their self- worth. This is done through individual counselling, holding of monthly circles (group counselling) and a youth program called ”She-Hive Youth Club” (SHY-Club).

Monthly circles

Monthly circles (group therapy) is where survivors of violence whom often are women meet every month to share experiences and challenges they encounter on a day to day basis and how they manage or cope with the aftermath of abuse. A social worker and Lawyer joins the sittings and provides professional advices should there be a need.

These monthly circles are intended to create an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable about expressing their emotions without fear of being discriminated against, judged and stigmatised. The monthly circles are held once every month and are for the association’s members and any other person who may have heard about the association through media or outreach campaigns or anyhow – (open for everybody interested)

SHY Club (She-Hive Youth Club)

The project aims to prevent GBV by creating safe spaces/platforms for joint consultations and discussions open to the public, especially Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) by unmuting and amplifying their echoes. Based on our experience AGYW have been denied audience, ambience and their voices rendered irrelevant due to cultural, political, religious and other mitigating factors. The project, therefore, aims to strengthen them to voice-out their challenges through “I stories”. Their stories will be documented as and when they are being narrated, and the underlying concerns and challenges noted for further action. The documented “I stories” will be used to influence policy reviews and during advocacy campaigns in three regions of Lesotho.

The project aims to address Primary and Secondary GBV prevention and to support adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) to participate in policy processes and activities that would help them speak out about the Human rights violation challenges that they are facing in their communities